Father Edward Doyle, O.P. Collection

Edward P. Doyle, O.P., 1907-1997, a member of the Providence College faculty from 1941-1954. During a leave of absence for military service Father Doyle served as a World War II U.S. Army Chaplain. As a member of the 104th Infantry Division, Father Doyle was present at the liberation of the concentration camp in Nordhausen, Germany. The collection is made up of photographs, text documents, and a single audio file. The most notable photographs in the collection depict the liberation of the Nazi concentration camp at Nordhausen, Germany. These photographs are unsettling and caution is advised to viewers. Other photographs in the collections show images of Father Doyle throughout his life. The text documents in the collection are from Father Doyle's personal papers and include obituaries, correspondence, clippings, and Providence College-related archival documents.
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